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    Monday, April 17th, 2006
    9:22 am
    Chugging ahead
    I've worked on my project a lot since I last blogged. I have drawn up complete sketches of 17 of the pages. There will be about 25 or so, but ~5 of them will be end-of-section quizzes, so most of the hard work is done. These sketches have taken me many hours. This is a big project! I want it to be very nice and professional looking, and I think that the most difficult part is yet to come... putting it onto the computer. Have I mentioned how computer illiterate I am?
    Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
    8:40 pm
    Recent work
    I just spent the last two hours drawing up ideas for page set-ups. I have the info, now I'm just trying to decide the best, most interesting, CLEAREST way to present it. Just rough sketches at this point. Last weekend, instead of looking up into like I blogged I was going to, I looked up all of the pictures that I needed and saved them on my computer. I have about thirty (?).
    Instead of printing the pictures off and cutting and gluing (which was sorta my preliminary idea), I could just paste them into my word documents and design the words, the pictures, and all on the computer and THEN print. No cutting, no gluing, no rulers, no markers. God, computers make things easy, don't they? (Just wait until I'm trying to do that, though. I am computer ILliterate.)
    That's all for now, folks.
    Saturday, March 25th, 2006
    7:32 pm
    Saturday night
    Welcome to Saturday night. Agenda: work on this project! I seriously think that this will take me a long time... I am a bit of a perfectionist, and as I will be giving my final project to my site, I am afraid I may spend an exceptional amount of time on it. It's alright, though. I like being creative... even if it's for school, even if it's on a Saturday night.
    So tonight, I will be drawing up some plans in my sketch packet. I was also looking at other people's blogs for this project, and wondering if ANYONE EVER looks at this?
    Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006
    1:37 pm
    By this point...
    Well, then. Eh hem. It's been a while since I last blogged. But don't think that means I have been neglecting my work on this project! Quite the contrary. As I said in my contract, I have a packet of notes that I've been keeping when I put information, ideas, and facts for the Activity Book. In this packet, I've reserved an entire page for each subset of information (e.g., a page for The Constitution, a page for U.S. History). Thus, I have 10 pages of notes already, but most of these pages are not filled up yet.
    I have written most of the information (if not all of it... I haven't noticed any areas that are lacking, yet), but I haven't really started drawing up my plans for exactly HOW I'm going to present the information on the pages. I have, however, put an * by all of the parts of my notes that should have pictures included (e.g., Martin Luther King, Jr., The White House).
    I have my event for the time line written down, but I don't have all of the dates, yet (so now that I think of it, THAT is an area in which I am lacking information).
    I'm thinking that I will devide the Activity Book up into sections, but I haven't quite decided what sorts of sections... perhaps as I've got them devided up now by information: The Time Line, Diagrams of and Info. about the three branches of the government, The Constitution, History, The Flag, Minnesota State Government, U.S. today, and possibly Personal and General Questions (if I have time to include that). Then, after each section, I will probably put a quiz comprised of the Citizenship test questions about the info. just covered. This is all preliminary... just ideas. We'll see.
    Anyhow, that's what I've been up to these past few weeks. See you in class or something...
    Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
    10:17 pm
    So in that Uncle Sam Activity book, I have found several pages with some very helpful pictures/diagrams on them and have photo copied them for future use. I have yet to ask Steve for information about the exact break down of the legal system, though one of the pages in the activity book has something very much like this. I just want to make sure I am accurate and complete in whatever it is I decide to do with this information.
    The pages from the activity book that I have found helpful include sutff about the 13 colonies, the Declaration of Independence, and the branches of the government.
    Sunday, February 19th, 2006
    9:17 pm
    Uncle Sam Activity Book
    I was looking through the Uncle Sam Activity Book and found some good pictures of the 13 colonies and stuff about the Declaration of Independence and the Branches of the Government. I started making a list of events for a time line, but then Mom and Dad called. Mom said that pictures were the number one thing to help people learn things that they have a hard time understanding.
    Wednesday, February 15th, 2006
    10:38 pm
    Citizenship diagrams
    So both Ann and Nancy at FLC said that people have a really hard time visualizing the branches of the government and so do not understand a lot of the questions on the citizenship test. They said that they would like to have a diagram(s) of the government branches and houses and positions... crap. I don't know anything about that. But I really really like making complicated information organized so as to be able to better visualize it (which is basically exactly what this is). And I stand to profit a lot from some project like this. I could learn a lot! My friend Steve is a political science major--he'd know, or have resources for me.
    I don't just want to make two poster boards with diagrams of the branches of the government, though. Nancy loaned me a book, "The Uncle Sam Activity Book," which has a lot of game ideas for learning the kinds of things on the citizenship test, as well as just American stuff. I'll look through that and try to get ideas. I also got two web addresses about citizenship testing, which will be good resources. FLC has a couple books that seem to go over the citizenship testing better than I could ever even attempt, so I'm thinking maybe heading in the direction of an interactive game (?), or perhaps several Learning Boards with moving parts and diagrams and whatnot. We'll see.
    Sunday, February 12th, 2006
    8:20 pm
    REAL Entry
    Dear Mr. Mitch,
    Alright. So in class on Thursday, I realized that I'd been doing this thing wrong. I totally thought I was on top of it and getting started all early, and then I realized that I wasn't even blogging about the right things. I guess I learned a very valuable lesson: Don't work ahead.
    So, I was thinking about my final project, and this is what I've got:
    A book. I want to make a book. I want to give it to FLC when I'm done. So, I was thinking about the sort of books they may need, or which may be helpful. Everything that I've come up with, though, seems either too daunting or too vague. So, here are my daunting, vague ideas:
    1. My roommate was talking to me about work she was doing with Hmong immigrants and how they had a really hard time adjusting to American life. How about some sort of FAQ question/answer book, "Things I Wish I'd Known When I Came to America." But then, how could they read it? How helpful would it be if they'd already found their way to FLC? How do I address the most important things without being too presumptuous? This one seems too unrealistic, but perhaps I can incorporate this idea into something later on.
    2. I really like the idea of a picture dictionary, but they already have one (and probably one that is better than anything I could come up with).
    3. I would like to rethink this citizenship test stuff. I just feel like there has to be a better way to help immigrants study for this test than flash cards and 4th-grade-spelling-test-format-sentence-writing-practice. I think that this is my best shot, and I think it could be fun. I just need to think of a way to turn the most mundane memorization into a "fun-filled activity book."
    What do you think?
    Monday, February 6th, 2006
    9:19 pm
    First Tutoring Session
    Dear Mr. Mitch,
    Well, I tutored at FLC for the first time tonight. It was a good time. I feel like I have learned a number of things in just the two hours I was there.
    These people with whom I am working are not children! For several years, now, I have been working exclusively with kids--not just America Reads, but in many different situations and settings. Tutoring adults is, surprize!, different! I found myself feeling very stupid because I kept reverting to talking with them as if they were kids. I wasn't THINKING of them as kids, but the fact that I couldn't convey exactly what I wanted made me go into "adult/kid" mode (even though I was younger than all three people with whom I worked).
    I had a really good time, but I was trying to help a woman learn about the body and cells and systems, and I just didn't know any of it. And then, when I DID know the answers, I second guessed myself and ended up feeling really stupid again. And that was even before I moved onto dividing fractions!!! There's nothing like some good, old, fifth-grade material to make you second guess your own brain power.
    I will probably go back this Friday, if I can make it, and for sure on Monday. I am really excited!
    Monday, January 30th, 2006
    10:22 pm
    Franklin Learning Center Orientation
    Dear Mr. Mitch,
    Since you will be the only one ever reading this, I don't see a reason not to address this to you.
    I attended Tutor Orientation, tonight, and I must say, I am really excited to start. At first, I was hoping that my America Reads work would count for class, as it fits both the Literacy and the American Cultural Diversity aspects. But alas, I was informed that getting paid does not fulfil the whole "community service" requirement. So, I chose to work at FLC.
    Honestly, I chose this place mostly because I was somewhat sure that I could get to it. I am very bad with navigation and directions, and all I have to do to get to the library is take the 2 bus (and I still ended up getting off a dozen blocks early and having to get back on a different bus...). Sigh.
    But, I eventually made it, and I am pleased to say that I am really happy with my choice. It's laid back, personal, at a library! (which is really cool), and focuses on helping adults (which is new to me, and exciting).
    I will be working Monday evenings, from 6 until 8 p.m., and some Fridays, from 4 until 6 p.m. I start a week from today.
    Anyhow... tata.